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Mindfulness can help you turn the worst days or situations into something better, especially during the holidays!

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! And after Thanksgiving, both Christmas and New Years will be here and gone in the blink of an eye.

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When we find ourselves going through a particularly challenging experience, we often withdraw from our social groups. As we discussed the thoughts and feelings that come with a cancer diagnosis in “After the Diagnosis” blog two weeks ago, it is common to feel alone, isolated, and even...


Spending time outdoors improves our memory, productivity, creativity, and concentration! We discussed this in Outdoor Well-Being, making the summer months perfect for taking advantage of warm temperatures, bright sunshine, and fresh air. As with most things that can improve our overall well-being, however, there is a certain level of awareness...

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Last week, we painted a picture as to the importance our environment and the people in it play when we set our sights on a goal! We start with motivation, but it’s that big picture of intrinsic growth and satisfaction PLUS extrinsic support and common forward movement that significantly increase our chances of success. And as you may have experienced in the past at some point in your life, when those you love are also reaching and hitting a...

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As the number of deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease increased in the late ‘90s, the American Heart Association found a need to create a greater awareness and resource pool for what would soon become the number one cause of death in women. The Go Red for Women campaign launched almost twenty years ago to develop not only a more strategic approach, but also a more integrated, “big picture” approach to the care of women with...


As we enter the holiday season, how would you like to CELEBRATE and IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH? January 3rd is 40 days away! WHAT IF…you weren’t starting yet another diet plan, but instead you were continuing to CELEBRATE HEALTH. You can quickly:

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce arthritic and joint pain
  • improve mood and sleep
  • and of course, lose weight if you carry...
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Imagine a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, some cheese, and a basket of fresh fruit, all set out along the French riviera for you and your family to enjoy the original “piquenique” al fresco in the mid-1700s. Sounds delightful, yes? Well, we may not have the French riviera outside our back door, but we do have so much of what it takes to create a beautiful picnic for family and friends. For you, it may mean the red gingham blanket strewn...

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Again, it is not as though we wake up January 1st and everything is different. BUT, it is a good reason to start a new routine or better yet, a new attitude toward a healthy lifestyle. There are so many areas of our lives we can change. Where does it start for you?

Exercise more and eat healthier hit the top 2 spots – as usual. Why do so many people consistently ‘need’ or ‘want’ to change these two behaviors? Interestingly, losing...


Approximately one-third to one-half of the American population has experienced significant stress, anxiety, or sadness that was difficult to cope with alone over the last year and a half. Yet, in many instances, coping with these feelings alone seemed to be the only way to cope. In 2021, the spotlight shines on not only the value of healthy relationships in general, but also on the ways to nurture relationships, regardless of the external...


2021 Here We Come!

There is something refreshing about a new year! It is an odd cultural thought pattern if you think about it–nothing changes on January 1st when you wake up that is any different than any other day… except your attitude and outlook, and that is EVERYTHING!

As a behavior change coach, we often simplify models to a triangle including 3 elements for successful change…. Skills and knowledge can be taught, but...

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Farmers Market Safety Measures

Farmers markets are ESSENTIAL. They are essential for the local economy, supporting small businesses, promoting clean produce, and increasing accessibility to healthy homemade goods. Not to mention, they are a fun, happy, and encouraging environment to be a part of.

With the mounting economic, social, and healthcare pressures COVID-19 is imparting on the U.S., it is important we implement personal...


We are excited you are joining Spring into Summer 2020.

Please complete the registration form below. You will also need to submit your Client Information and Consent form. You may complete electronically OR print, fill out and submit a picture. Click on the title below to download the form.


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  • 6 weeks until Summer! Shift your focus NOW!
  • Saturday, May 9th 10:00am
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Spring into Summer 2020

Spring into Summer is a 6-week program getting YOU not only FIT, but

Inspiring You to Achieve Your Optimal Well-being

Balanced Wellness focuses on total well-being. What does that mean to you? Sustainable lifestyle change. We...

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Why Do Positive Family Relationships Benefit Our Well-being?

Under the right circumstances, family relationships are encouraging, reliable, and last a life-time. Especially in your parent’s case, they see you grow up through all the glory of your less-fortunate moments– sometimes when friends aren’t always there to count on. These enduring relationships– with your parents, siblings, grandparents, and otherwise– are of...

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Ways To Spend Quality Time With Others

Last week we addressed the five love languages that Dr. Gary Chapman has reported to be found among relationships. We provided a general overview, but we didn’t dive into much detail. So we’re back! We’re here to discuss ways to spend quality time, which was one of the commonly found love languages, with others.

Spending time with “loved ones” is not limited to your...

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Can you list the five love languages?

Did you know you can apply them at your workplace? Visit the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, an American author and radio talk show host, the five love languages exist. They are words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, and receiving gifts.



October… a Month for Social Well-being

You know what’s just as important as exercising regularly and eating healthily? Being social! Scientists are finding that relationships and well-being go hand in hand.

Human touch and interaction can make your body stronger and healthier.

While on the contrary…

Isolation and loneliness have been linked to various health...

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Men’s Health Week,

celebrated annually during the week ending on Father’s Day, honors the importance of the health and wellness of boys and men. This week is a reminder for men to take steps to be healthier, but they don’t have to do it alone! Whether it’s your husband, partner, dad, brother, son, or friend you can help support the health and safety of the men in your life.


When did exercise become a ‘chore’?

Maybe when we took chores OFF our daily activities list and added exercise to stay active! Our society then recognized that for some, exercise was a chore. In an effort to get people more active, we began to focus on physical activity – hence the use of trackers and counting steps. The bottom line, if it isn’t convenient and/or fun it will be more difficult to be consistent with our ‘movement...

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  • Improve Your Musculoskeletal
  • Health Through Mindful Movements

Mindful movement is an effective way to reduce stress and its physical consequences.

How you move throughout your daily life can affect your health. The way your bones, muscles, joints and connective tissue interact with each other all play a significant role in things like your posture and...

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  • NOW is the time to improve your nutrition.
  • What can you do to move toward a lifestyle change?
  • AND have a dietary lifestyle consisting of proteins, fats, AND carbs?!

Let’s take a moment to look at the most common successful “diets” around the world and some of what they ALL have in common.



Do you see the glass

as half empty or half

full? Developing studies

suggest that positive and

negative outlooks on life can

affect your physical health.

One way to increase positivity

and emotional well-being is

showing kindness to others.

Showing kindness can trigger

“reward” pathways in your brain

and lead to feelings of happiness

and well-being. Continuous...

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December offers special times with friends and family, but oftentimes stress increases as well. The good news…with a proper focus, stress can be reduced or relieved!

Download our DecNewsletter and follow the tips for travel AND the daily tips! Start with the tips to...

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Balanced Wellness is excited to announce our holiday ‘gift to the community’.

We want to give back to the community – and we need your help. Register for a Prevent T2 program and a registration will be donated to a participant in need.

AND it may be covered by your insurance company!


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Do you ever try to ‘over complicate things’? Maybe….just maybe….we should stick with the things we know work to manage our weight! Yes, we need to adjust our mindset and create specific strategies during the holiday season- but they should be based on principles of a healthy nutrition plan.

Print our...


October 2018 Newsletter

Healthy lifestyle choices

Early detection of breast cancer is crucial for effective treatment. Yet, ‘primary prevention’ with all chronic illnesses begins with healthy lifestyle choices. Balanced Wellness often discusses...

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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in men. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 4 male deaths are the result of heart disease. In addition, men are at risk for additional chronic illnesses including diabetes, cancer, and...

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Download the monthly calendar and follow the prompts for a fulfilling month of physical activity.

50% of Adults do not meet exercise guidelines according to the National Institutes of Health. Furthermore, according to the...

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Stand Up Straight

Most of us have heard this a time or two. Proper posture is important not only when you are standing, but also while sitting and exercising. When standing, proper posture helps us keep our balance and move more efficiently. Proper posture reduces our risk of injuries in everyday tasks that we perform such as sitting in a chair, climbing the stairs, lifting bags and packages, cleaning, mowing the...

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Download our March Newsletter for tips and more!

The calendar provides links to focus areas…for example, on the 4th link…’Add color to your meal with different fruits and vegetables’ takes you to a wonderful chart of colorful fruits and vegetables provided by the...


It’s time to start thinking about promoting HEALTHY nutrition at your organization. With all of the diet trends surrounding us each and every day…we need to ground ourselves in solid foundational nutritional principles.

Here are some foundational principles we can focus on:

  • Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible
  • Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits
  • Consume water to stay...

Practice gratitude from the HEART.






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The start of a new year always brings hopeful motivation for change.

Once you ignite the desire to succeed, how long does it take before you burn out? Here are three tips to help you create a successful plan.

January Newsletter

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Some stress can be beneficial and may lead to actual problem-solving, but a lot of our stress is unnecessary and even harmful. Healthy habits can protect you from the harmful effects of stress. View our newsletter for 6 positive healthy habits you may want to develop. Read more:...

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The holiday season is called the most wonderful time of the year…it’s also the most stressful time of the year!

Between traveling arrangements, holiday parties and get togethers, present shopping, and meeting end of the year’s goals and deadlines, it can be easy to get worn out and not enjoy the essence of this magical time of year. Stress can take a toll on your mind and body, especially your immune system. So how can you combat stress...

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  • ‘Tis the season for family, festivity,
  • and food. Here are 5 tips to help
  • you manage your weight this
  • holiday season:
  1. Swap Out: Invited to a party? Offer to bring a healthy alternative side dish.
  2. Outsmart the Buffet: Start with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite.

Read more tips...

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October is breast cancer awareness month. Did you know breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women? View October Newsletter

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September Newsletter

September brings a new season filled with football games and apple picking!

Make this fall a healthy one. Download our monthly calendar with tips and resources! Check out the BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders with Homemade Potato Chips perfect for...

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April is Ergonomics/Occupational Health Month. To “Get Moving with Workplace Ergonomics”, please click on our April Newsletter.

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March is National Nutrition Month. To “Put Your Best Fork Forward”, please click on our March Newsletter.


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