2021 Here We Come!

2021 Here We Come!

There is something refreshing about a new year! It is an odd cultural thought pattern if you think about it–nothing changes on January 1st when you wake up that is any different than any other day… except your attitude and outlook, and that is EVERYTHING!

As a behavior change coach, we often simplify models to a triangle including 3 elements for successful change…. Skills and knowledge can be taught, but attitude is up to you!


As a coach, we can take several approaches–a directive approach, a transformational vision coaching style, or simply helping you develop goals and skills. We can also help you to ‘change’ some of the thoughts and physical things that shape your attitude. We all have choices we can make each day that improve or diminish our health, so finding a coach and a plan that works for you is important! Making long-term lifestyle changes, one step and choice at a time is essential, and very much worth the effort.

As we say goodbye to 2020, I highly encourage you to reflect on the year, focusing on what you did to improve your life and how you can sustain that change. But also, look at what ALL of the challenges of the year brought to your attention and make a firm RESOLVE to change!

Need a little help getting started? It’s not too late for a 3 — 5 — or 10 day Nutrition Reboot!

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