Achieve Your Optimal Well-Being


Up for a Challenge?

Join us! Balanced Wellness offers healthy challenges to help your employees achieve their optimal well-being. Whether they partake in a single challenge or double down for more, our challenges are designed to alleviate the stress and uncertainties in their lives, NOT add to it.

What are the Benefits?

With an increased awareness of the need for a work-life balance, Balanced Wellness provides a variety of fun and effective challenges.

These simple but effective challenges will help:

  • Provide your employees with the support and tools they need to stay active, manage stress, focus on healthy nutrition and weight management.
  • Improve their immune system, physical fitness, and mental health through proper stress management techniques and self-care practices.
  • Develop their personal ability to manage competing responsibilities at home. Whether it applies to remote work, child care, or maintaining social relationships.

Choose your Challenge!

Choose one challenge or a bundle to save more.

Be Kind Challenge

Additional challenges available:

snooze or loose.jpg


Interested in a sleep challenge? Track your daily sleep-enhancing activities! The activities highlighted increase your chances of having better quality sleep each night.

Getting the proper amount of sleep allows us to regulate our hormones, lower blood pressure, and improves brain function and mood. However, many of us don’t get the proper quantity or quality of sleep we need to function effectively.

Lack of sleep can cause irritability, which can impact our relationships too. The strain on our relationships inevitably leads to more stress in our lives. We need a minimum of 7 hours quality sleep in order to feel refreshed.

Items tracked include:

  • Hours of Sleep
  • Caffeine, Tobacco, and Alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Screen Time
no time like the preasant.png


Interested in a stress management challenge? There’s No Time Like The Pleasant to encourage your employees to enjoy the little things in life that bring them peace, happiness, and a sense of relief.

Such items will include:

  • Stop and Breath
  • Stretching Break
  • Short Walk
  • Laughter
  • Acts of Kindness
beat goes on.jpeg


Interested in a heart health challenge? The Beat Goes On will encourages your employees to adopt simple lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Such items will include:

  • Know Your Numbers: Weight, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Glucose
  • 5 A Day Fruits & Vegetables
  • Exercise
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Use
  • Stress Management & Sleep
be kind.jpg

Be Kind – for your Mind

When you give to others, you’ re giving back to yourself! Helping others improves your mental well-being and leaves you feeling good about yourself.

This 2 week challenge is all about personal enlightenment. Earn up to 400 points per day by performing random acts of kindness for your community, colleagues, planet, and own-self.

We all need a little more kindness right now!


Disconnect to Reconnect

In today’s world, technology can be very distracting. It can alienate us from the people in our lives, cause car accidents and even prevent us from getting a good nights sleep. This challenge helps people break bad technology habits and get reconnected with the people in their lives, including their family, friends, and community.

This challenge includes 6 habits to track daily (includes one bonus habit).


  • Limit after work screen time.
  • Give back to the community and volunteer (bonus)
better together.jpg

Better Together

Did you know that having strong relationships is good for your health? Research shows that connections with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and others are just as important to your well-being as a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding tobacco!

Social ties and being part of a community insulate us from life’s stressors and give us a sense of purpose and identity. They also make life more fun! As you spend quality time with your family and friends, you’ll benefit your health and have a good time – and so will they!

Download our Challenge Brochure. All are customizable to your organization.

How to Get Started:

Two options for employees to sign-up:

  1. Sign up directly on the wellness portal. Our wellness portal offers the opportunity for your employees to find all their wellness resources in one place! Consider it a "one-stop shop." In addition to the challenges, we offer wellness coaching and streamed and on-demand fitness classes.
  2. Provide us with your eligibility list and we’ll take care of the rest!


Contact us for more specific pricing, but here are the general guidelines -

  • We ONLY charge for those participating, NOT your entire employee count
  • Spouses are FREE
  • NO set-up fees
  • Bundle & Save Options Available