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Genetics, personal history, diet, and lifestyle all play a role in our mental health. While it is critical we look within, it is also imperative we look around, as the environment in which we live also plays an important role in our overall mental health and emotional well-being. Some factors are triggers while others are roots.


Life is stressful and demanding! And while we may have one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce that stress right at our fingertips, we have a hard time taking advantage of it. However, the research proves it is well worth it – spending time outside is good for our overall wellness, for our physical AND emotional health!


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Each year, April 22nd rolls around, reminding us of the part we play in keeping our planet healthy and livable. We may celebrate Earth Day as a one day event, but the intent behind the annual holiday is to enhance our day-to-day awareness and improve our lives now and in the future! The annual campaign creates educational opportunities about a variety of subjects including: climate change, air pollution, water pollution, erosion, recycling,...

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Environmental Change Since COVID-19

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Great Outdoors Month

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World Environment Day