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Environmental Change Since COVID-19

Environmental Change Since COVID-19

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How can you help the positive impact quarantine has had on the environment outlive the pandemic?

  • Buy local produce and goods. A decrease in international trade since COVID-19 has taken hold of the U.S. has led to a decrease in carbon emissions from transportation! . In an effort to keep local economy booming and minimize exposure to international goods, buy products straight from your hometown– from farmers markets, butcheries, boutiques, and more! To support farmers markets nationwide and to find locations near you, see the Farmers Market Coalition.
  • Continue teleconferencing. Teleconferencing platforms provide a great space for meetings when an actual conference room isn’t available! They also better support people who want to work remotely– whether it be personal preference, for taking care of family at home, or any other reason! Working remotely has helped reduce carbon emissions from daily work commute.
  • Adopt friendlier ways of travel. Can you bike? Scooter? Ride the bus? Catch a ride with a coworker? There are many alternatives to driving alone in your car, and you just might improve your physical, mental, and social health in the process! Check out National Association of City Transport Officials for more information on micro-mobility and bike and scooter share programs.

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