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Go Go Go! So much of our world today encourages, almost rewards, a constant “on-the-go” lifestyle. Whether it’s going from one activity to the next or having an all-or-nothing attitude about working out, sports performance, etc., it is almost as if we are rewarded for never taking a break.

But! What if you performed better BECAUSE you took a break?

What if you performed at a higher level BECAUSE you took a break?



Resiliency During A Pandemic

A perfect example of a dynamic system is YOU– a constantly changing, internally or externally motivated, physically, mentally, and emotionally needy being!

This pandemic has challenged us all in our relationships with ourselves and with others. Being resilient is an important part of maintaining and nurturing these relationships and avoiding the negative side effects of feeling...

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Have you ever started a diet, workout, or health plan and then abandoned it within a few weeks? If you have, you’re not alone. It’s a common struggle. This is because change is difficult, especially when you are trying to change deep-seated habits. This is largely why health and wellness coaches exist. A wellness coach is a health expert who helps people achieve their physical and health goals. They work with you to set goals, identify...

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Employee wellness programs are changing. Where they were once programs implemented because of their benefits with health claims containment, they are now becoming an essential piece of a benefits package.

Employers are always looking for the most engaged and productive employees. But how do they recruit and retain them? Offering competitive benefits is one way of drawing in top recruits. In addition to traditional health insurance and...

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Now more than ever, organizations and businesses are taking proactive steps to invest in their employees’ health and wellness. At the heart of this corporate wellness, movement is the idea that healthier employees are happier, more productive workers and members of the community. At Balanced Wellness, it is our mission to not only advance this movement but to take it a step further: we want to empower every individual to achieve and maintain...


Just as an athlete prepares for playing a sport you too should prepare before work to help prevent aches and pains. These slow stretches help prevent injuries.