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As we approach March, National Nutrition Month, our focus will be on how to shift your mindset and lifestyle to encompass food choices that are good for you, others, and the planet. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2023 campaign theme is “Fuel for the Future,” designed to ultimately guide you to make food choices with sustainability in mind, as well as helping you understand why this is important for you and for our world.

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Our heads spin simply thinking about all the information we are presented every day about “how to live a healthy lifestyle.” Eat this, not that; restrictions, measurements… it is just too much. And more often than not, it’s just not healthy, nor is it sustainable.

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Over the last ten years, research on various illnesses, conditions, and health challenges have determined your gut microbiome plays a central role in the prevention, development, and management in many cases.

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Did you know companies pay for “real estate” on store shelves? It’s called a “slotting fee.” And while it primarily refers to simply getting their products on the shelf, the fee often includes an option to claim “prime” real estate, meaning those shelves that are right at eye level. Why? We are predictable creatures and will usually choose those items right in front of us or those easiest to see and grab. If this strategy works when our...

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Contrary to what you may think, the “serving sizes” you see on nutrition labels don’t always reflect how much you should be eating.

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  • The holidays provide an extra opportunity to simply be more mindful, create more intention, and learn from our past experiences. The challenge is to enjoy yourself in the moment BUT also generate circumstances that are full of energy, excitement, and the making of new memories, rather than lethargy, regret, and a nap! Take a look at the categories below to choose a few tips to help you be intentional but to also...
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November is here and it is not uncommon to hyper focus on “healthy eating” and the restriction mindset as the holidays approach. However, that’s not what true healthy eating is about. How we navigate our own relationship with nutrition affects not only our physical well-being, but also every other dimension of our total wellness wheel.


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1 in 6 Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die annually from foodborne illnesses. While some of these instances cannot be avoided, a large number of them are preventable. And summer is the perfect time to create awareness, as it is known as...

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The health needs and challenges for women and men are quite similar, yet differences show up as we age! Many of the chronic diseases we develop over time are predominantly lifestyle induced. And while food availability (or lack thereof) plays a role in the consumption of healthy food options, awareness, education, and creativity are helpful when working to incorporate more healthy choices into our daily diet. Various studies report that...

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Three macronutrients – three very different sets of roles – three irreplaceable and equally vital pieces to a balanced diet. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are the primary building blocks of nutrition and encompass the key food groups that supply our bodies with the energy they need, enabling us to function at an optimal level. The main point here is that they work together – all three of them – to build, support, and fuel our bodies!...

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It can be a challenge to find a healthy balance that supports your goals without leaving you feeling deprived or restricted. This refers to food habits, exercise, relationships, and pretty much every other aspect of life. Even by reading this far, you have probably considered at least one category, if not more, in which you criticize yourself, have an all-or-nothing mentality, or simply feel inadequate. Before we continue, let us start by...


It’s week two; January isn’t going anywhere… and hopefully your goals aren’t either. This is such a fun time of year to pursue a variety of health goals, from nutrition and fitness to mental and relational health, too. As we proceed, we must be honest with ourselves about what to expect – not only about what goals are realistic and achievable BUT also about the roadblocks that can and more than likely will cross our paths. This honesty is...


Avocados are berries. Did that just blow your mind? It’s true… While avocados are known as “alligator pears” due to their shape and outer texture, they are considered berries. And just like the other berries we know, avocados are also packed full of nutrition and health benefits. One half of a medium avocado has over 6 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein, making it a filling food! And while the fat count is high, avocados have “healthy...

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You’re driving down the street and notice the tents, people milling about, and maybe even some music playing. You slow down, take a closer look, and realize…it’s Farmers Market season! While some farmers markets are open year-round, summer is the perfect time of year to visit, shop, and get to know your local farmers! It is also the perfect time to create your own “farm-to-table” experience! You may find produce you’ve never seen or even...


Blue – Green – White – Orange/Yellow – Red

Now is the time to think color! Color brings FUN to life, it invigorates and relaxes at the same time. Adult coloring has so many benefits including reduced anxiety and stress, improved focus and sleep…and most people color in color, not black and white – it is FUN! Pick up some pencils or crayons and give it a try on the attached sheet!

Summer is a time for fun, AND we believe...

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To make healthier food choices:

  • We know to “eat more fruits and vegetables.”

  • We know nutrient dense foods will give us more energy and support greater health.

  • We know willpower doesn’t always work, that we need to make other changes to help us reach our goals.

And yet! It is still all too easy to fall back into a perpetual cycle. Yes, they’re also called habits, which is why so many...


Hormones, we hear the term frequently, but what are they and what do they do? Well, here is a simplified explanation – hormones are chemical substances that act like messenger molecules, they are made in one part of the body, and travel to other parts where they give messages and help control how cells and organs do their work. While there are many hormones involved, we will discuss 3 in this blog. Leptin, Ghrelin, and Insulin. Read more...

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As we transition to March, National Nutrition Month, I want to look back a bit before we look forward! We ended our month with gratitude. I ask…

  • Are you grateful for your health? Your ability to do the things you enjoy?
  • Do you have a health or diet mindset?
  • A growth and design mindset?
  • And above all…a strong why for health.

You see, a healthy weight is important, but health is about so much...


Benefits of Salads

Salads are a great way to include fresh vegetables as well as other added healthy foods into your diet. There are different types of salads and different ways to make salads so that you can be healthy and change up your diet, so you aren’t bored with eating the same old thing every day!

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Meal Planning and Batch Cooking

Benefits of meal planning and batch cooking encompass more than just saving you time and money. If done properly, both of these methods can help you control your portions and eat healthier.

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Cooking Without Oil

Cooking with oil is something that people have done for thousands of years. However, what we have been taught about cooking oils isn’t necessarily healthy. Although some oils are healthier than others, many oils can have negative effects on our heart. Eliminating oil from your diet is a big step towards having a better diet. There are many easy ways to substitute cooking oils with another option or eliminate it all...

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Benefiting the Immune System with Healthy Eating


May: National Physical Activity Month

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  • NOW is the time to improve your nutrition.
  • What can you do to move toward a lifestyle change?
  • AND have a dietary lifestyle consisting of proteins, fats, AND carbs?!

Let’s take a moment to look at the most common successful “diets” around the world and some of what they ALL have in common.


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As all good health coaches know, real, sustainable health changes do not come from a weeklong diet or a few trips to the gym. To achieve lasting results, you have to start looking at health and wellness from a complete and total perspective. When you do this, you’ll likely see that there is no quick solution to a healthy life and that your overall health is actually a combination of your diet, exercise, lifestyle, and attitude.