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Cooking Without Oil

Cooking Without Oil

Cooking with oil is something that people have done for thousands of years. However, what we have been taught about cooking oils isn’t necessarily healthy. Although some oils are healthier than others, many oils can have negative effects on our heart. Eliminating oil from your diet is a big step towards having a better diet. There are many easy ways to substitute cooking oils with another option or eliminate it all together!

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About cooking oils:

– All oils can cause insulin resistance

– Gram for gram, certain oils have the same number of calories that is found in beef fat

– Coconut oil is 90% artery clogging saturated fat, while lard is only 40%

How can you cook without oil?

  1. Buy better, non-stick cookware and a silicone baking mat.
  2. Try a different method of cooking your food. I.e. saute, stir-fry, bake, or roast!
  3. Instead of deep-frying a food try using an air fryer.

Check out these tips: 3 Expert Tips for Cooking Without Oil

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