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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

  • The holidays are upon us and most of us need some tips on how to
  • “Maintain, don’t gain”.

Party Smart

  1. Go Low – swap out low/non-fat Greek yogurt for sour cream found in dips and appetizers. Choose low-fat cheese when possible.
  2. Ravenous tummies will come to ruin! Avoid arriving at parties too hungry. Try eating something small and satiating prior to the event, so to avoid binge eating on all the yummy junk!
  3. Pick & choose– Aim to fill your party plate with more color (fruits & veggies) and less bland foods (pastas, crackers, breads, desserts, etc.).
  4. Make it special – Do you have favorite foods that you only have during the holiday season? Make a list of 3-5 of your favorite foods and be sure to include them in your plan. If you know what is worth the splurge, waiting for special item will keep you from mindlessly spending calories on items that aren’t special to you.
  5. Loose the booze! Alcohol offers 3 things: 1) Empty calories, 2) Increased appetite, and 3) An altered mind! If alcohol consumption is inevitable, try alternating drinks with water to help cut the total amount consumed.

Sugar and Spice is not Nice.

  1. Hold the sugar – sugar and spice is not nice! Same goes for fats – skip the fats, cheese, creams, and save it for your favorites. Love pizza? Save it for your special time with family or friends and only have 1 piece. Fill up with an additional side salad.
  2. Satisfied….NOT stuffed! It takes your body approximately 20 minutes to register that it’s full. To avoid regret after consuming too much, try eating slower and taking time to sit and talk prior to making that second trip up to the buffet line or ordering ‘seconds’! This time allows for you body to make wise choices over rash, foolish ones that it will later regret!

Smart Snacking

  1. Fuel up on fruits– Fresh, seasonal picks make for solid snacks. Frozen fruits can be both cheaper and often times more fresh than the produce found displayed at the front of grocery stores.
  2. Honor your hunger– Eat when you’re hungry (genuinely so!), and stop when you’re full. Plain and simple. Try not to complicate things when it comes to eating. Our bodies were created in such a way that they will inform us when it’s time to refill!

Enjoy the company!

Focus on the people and activities.