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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

  • The holidays provide an extra opportunity to simply be more mindful, create more intention, and learn from our past experiences. The challenge is to enjoy yourself in the moment BUT also generate circumstances that are full of energy, excitement, and the making of new memories, rather than lethargy, regret, and a nap! Take a look at the categories below to choose a few tips to help you be intentional but to also enjoy every moment this holiday season.


  • Avoid running on empty! AKA…Avoid arriving at parties too hungry. Try eating something small and satiating prior to the event, so as to avoid binge eating as soon as you arrive (and with whatever is in front of you)!

  • Satisfied….NOT stuffed! It takes your body approximately 20 minutes to register that it’s full. To avoid regret after consuming too much, try eating slower and taking time to sit and talk prior to making that second trip up to the buffet line or ordering “seconds!” This time allows for your body to provide you guidance.

Fuel Up!

  • Keep it festive! Aim to fill your party plate with more colors that are bright and vibrant (fruits & veggies) and less bland foods (pastas, crackers, breads, desserts, etc.). These foods are more satiating, pack more of a nutritional punch, and won’t leave you feeling overstuffed. PLUS picking up seasonal produce at the grocery store can lighten the load on your pocket– seasonal is often cheaper. Frozen, too!

  • Make it special. Do you have favorite foods that you only have during the holiday season? Make a list of 3-5 of your favorite foods and be sure to include them in your plan. If you know what is worth splurging on, waiting for the special items will keep you from mindlessly spending calories on items that aren’t special to you.

  • Enjoy the company! Focus on people and activities. The food is fun, but your loved ones are what make the holidays! Have conversations; play games! Even if it’s while hanging out over the stove. Back to our point above, prioritizing your people will ensure you make fond new memories.

Go for the GOAL!

  • Swaps. Enjoy your favorite holiday recipes but stay on track for your goals by utilizing ingredient swaps. You can use low/nonfat Greek yogurt for sour cream in homemade dips and appetizers. Unsweetened applesauce works as a great alternative to sugar in baked goods. Consider swaps for groups like gluten and dairy, too!

  • Set and don’t forget! Consider setting a goal or two for the holidays (and even specific holiday gatherings) to help you remain intentional and mindful during the season. Set yourself up for even greater success by sharing your goals and maybe even recruiting family members to join in. For example: Eat something of every color of the rainbow!

What's the Key?

The key is mindfulness and intention. Before we know it, January will be here. The question is, will we look back on this holiday season with fond memories, points of progress, and a feeling of fulfillment AND success? Take a few moments to think about how you want to look, feel, and live as 2022 comes to a close. What strategies, some of which may come from above, will get you closer to that healthier, happier version of you?