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World Health Day 2022

Last week, we painted a picture as to the importance our environment and the people in it play when we set our sights on a goal! We start with motivation, but it’s that big picture of intrinsic growth and satisfaction PLUS extrinsic support and common forward movement that significantly increase our chances of success. And as you may have experienced in the past at some point in your life, when those you love are also reaching and hitting a goal, whether it’s the same goal or not, you too feel a sense of accomplishment, excitement, and maybe even an additional push forward! World Health Day is an annual campaign that brings attention to all of the above. How can we improve our overall well-being at the individual, interpersonal, community, and societal levels? Because they are all connected – WE are all connected, and we can all experience improved well-being with a big picture approach.


This level addresses you as the individual – what can YOU do to make wiser, more intentional choices for your well-being? Whether it’s increased education, self-esteem, or even access to programs and support, addressing the individual’s plan and growth inevitably addresses the big picture, as well! Education programs provide opportunities to learn AND grow with nutritional decisions, physical activity and movement, the importance of biometric screenings and knowing your medical history, etc. Programs like these exist near you, as well as virtually. Contact Balanced Wellness at to discuss opportunities to get involved in a program just right for you!

Interpersonal Relationships:

Last week’s article on the Self-Determination Theory really highlighted the value of human connection and relationships. Supporting each other mentally, emotionally, and even physically is key to our overall well-being. Walking clubs, community groups, and education programs create a comradery and connection as you and others move toward success. What opportunities exist in your community?


Community – the environmental support piece. A few ideas from the World Health Organization:

  • Work with local grocery stores and convenience stores to help them increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables they carry.
  • Establish farmers’ markets that accept food stamps so low-income residents can shop there.
  • Work with the city or county to identify walking trails, parks, and indoor sites where people can go to walk, and publicize these sites.
  • If the area needs additional venues for exercise, build community demand and lobby for new areas to be built or designated.
  • Work with local employers to develop healthier food choices on sites and to create other workplace health programs.


What can be done at a legislative level to support well-being? Regulations to eliminate soft drinks and high-calorie snacks from schools, ban the use of trans-fatty acids in restaurant food, and mandating that a percentage of the budget for road maintenance and construction be spent on creating walking paths and bike lanes are all ideas that encourage wiser nutrition choices and moving more, as well as support the overall big picture of well-being individually and with others!

How will you celebrate and promote World Health Day on April 7th, 2022?!


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