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Spring into Summer 2020

  • 6 weeks until Summer! Shift your focus NOW!
  • Saturday, May 9th 10:00am
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Spring into Summer 2020

Spring into Summer is a 6-week program getting YOU not only FIT, but

Inspiring You to Achieve Your Optimal Well-being

Balanced Wellness focuses on total well-being. What does that mean to you? Sustainable lifestyle change. We are not a diet or exercise program. We coach you to develop a roadmap to your best life. Our program begins with helping you develop your Wellness Vision…a picture of what your best life looks like. You then create a roadmap for your journey and helping you navigate detours along the way. We provide resources along the way.


  • Ongoing menu plan which includes a 10-day jump start focused on healthy foods to fuel and heal your body
  • An exercise plan designed specifically for you, a library full of workouts, AND live streamed fitness classes
  • Meditation and journal resources to set a positive mindset

Tools included:

Materials and Workbook (see our Spring Forward 10 day plan)

Weekly Zoom Meetings

2 Individual Zoom Coaching Sessions

Secure messaging with Coach

Access to Online Workouts

About our coaches:. Our coaches and fitness instructors are degreed and certified. Terry Gehrke, Founder of Balanced Wellness holds a Master Degree in Education: Health Eduction and has completed her Doctoral coursework in Health Promotion. She holds the following certifications: Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Master Certified Health Education Specialist, and Certificate in Plant Nutrition. You are in good hands! Terry overseas all staff.

Cost: Our program is offered at the individual or corporate level!

HR Professionals and Brokers: Please join for free!

Individual: $60.00

Group Rate (over 10): $38.95

Corporate Rate: Contact us for pricing