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Why Do Positive Family Relationships Benefit Our Well-being?

Why Do Positive Family Relationships Benefit Our Well-being?

Under the right circumstances, family relationships are encouraging, reliable, and last a life-time. Especially in your parent’s case, they see you grow up through all the glory of your less-fortunate moments– sometimes when friends aren’t always there to count on. These enduring relationships– with your parents, siblings, grandparents, and otherwise– are of extreme value to you and your well-being. Why? See below!

Like we said above, they are enduring.

Life is a roller coaster! With all of the exhilarating “ups,” come the frustrating “downs.” Generally, family members are there with you through it all. It’s rewarding, it’s heartbreaking, it’s elating, it’s tough. In the end, you’ve endured it all together, and that’s what will bring you closer!


They are supportive.

We’ve all had our fair share of crazy whims, dreams, travel destinations, and/or hair styles. Ideally, family is there to laugh at you, cry with you, and to encourage you through it all. Maybe they’ll even push you to do one of the above when they see you struggling with where you’re at. In the end, they just want to see you thrive!


They are unique.

Maybe your family isn’t “traditional.” Maybe you’ve lost some family members through whatever journey life has taken you, and you’ve found supportive, long-lasting relationships in friends, pets, co-workers, or mentors. Or maybe you don’t get along with some parts of your family, so you rely only on a single family member– or whoever is there for you. Family is what you make it, and no family is perfect!