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Love Languages - Love Others and Love Yourself!

Can you list the five love languages?

The most common love language, per the Huffington Post, is words of affirmation.

A love language is more than just words...

Love languages show adoration, fondness, or consideration towards someone you care about, in a way they recognize. It’s how you talk and act around others that portrays your appreciation for their presence. Platonically or romantically– expressing yourself in the way that your loved one needs can strengthen your social connections, ease unwanted stress, and enhance your own well-being.

The Grit and Grace Project lists some thoughtful ways in which you can affirm, spend quality time with, serve, provide physical connection, and give gifts to your loved ones. However, just as important as loving others is loving YOURSELF in the way you receive affection best. First, take the test. Next, consider these ideas for loving yourself a little extra this month:

  • Leave yourself a handwritten reminder of a strength you have or quality you value in a place you see daily (think mirror, fridge, etc!).

  • On your next day off, spend a few hours just taking care of you. Do things like make breakfast, brew a cup of coffee, watch the world go by outside, read a little, indulge in your favorite hobby, or rest if you need it.

  • Need to run errands but feel unmotivated? Grab a friend to do them with you. You get company, and still get to check off your to-do list. Oh! And give them a hug before they leave. 🙂