Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset!

We previously shared that positivity can reduce your risk of death from a heart attack and stroke by 39% and 38% respectively. Dr. Trello goes on to discuss how a negative emotion or attitude can produce stress hormones and a possible increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure has often been called the silent killer. (High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer”, 2017) Good news – high blood pressure is easily self-monitored and addressed. (Tello, MD, MPH, 2019)

Taking a proactive approach, can improve your cardiovascular health (CV), which reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). The American Heart Association has defined cardiovascular disease based on 7 risk factors, AHA Life’s Simple 7. While the 7 topics are frequently talked about including nutrition, activity, weight, loss and smoking, we would also identify positive psychological well-being as a factor that may help reduce the additional 3 biometrics (blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose). Psychological well-being can be defined in a variety of ways, but for the purpose of discussion we will look at positivity or optimism, purpose in life, and happiness. (Kubzansky, et al., 2018). To improve psychological well-being, try mindfulness-based programs (cognitive, mind-body, or stress reduction) and positive psychology interventions (gratitude, self-compassion, positive affirmations, etc.).

Balanced Wellness frequently integrates mindset and mindfulness into our programs including our nutritional programs. We do this because we recognize the value mindset has on adherence to healthy behaviors, specifically, a positive mindset and growth-based mindset. As we moved into 2021 we discussed how 3 elements for successful change are knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Oxford Dictionary defines attitudes as “An attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.” Mindset according to the Oxford Dictionary is “The established set of attitudes held by someone.” IF behavior is to be sustainable, we believe that attitude is the key and developing a set of health promoting attitudes is crucial. Here are a few attitudes of a health-based mindset:

  • Practice an attitude of gratitude
  • Failure is not to be feared, it is a growth process
  • We don’t exercise because we have to, we get to
  • Healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins) fuel our body
  • List yours!

We have created additional acronyms and tools to help you in your process! (

PATH to Happiness

P – Positive attitude and Purpose. You have certainly heard a lot about that already this month! Identify your purpose and change your mindset.

A – Authenticity and Affirmations. Authenticity can be lived out by knowing your values and strengths. Affirmations Encourage and Support.

T – Transformation Thinking. You CAN change your thinking to transform your habits (MINDSET).

H – Happiness, hope, and health is YOURS to achieve. Growth mindset….