Check your mindset: The POWER of Not Yet

Check your mindset: The POWER of Not Yet

So far this month we have:

  • Given you 7 tips to achieve a positive mindset.
  • Discussed positive affirmations.
  • Talked about using yoga to stay present and positive.

This week, we would like to focus on the growth of your mindset. But first, let’s check in and see how you are doing by asking yourself a few questions: Have you initiated any behavior changes? Are you in need of a shift in mindset? How do you look at challenges? Do you see them as an opportunity to change and grow? If you fail, do you look at the lessons learned or feel defeated? Carol Dweck describes this as a Fixed Mindset versus a Growth Mindset. Unlike a fixed mindset, a growth mindset allows you to adopt the “not yet” attitude and can help drive you to success––allowing you to search your inner beliefs and strengths to determine HOW you will find the power to be an overcomer when presented with a challenge. People who possess a growth mindset don’t give up and they realize the effort they put forth is a pathway to success, rather than being dependent on the success of the task itself. A growth mindset also helps you to become more resilient, giving you the confidence and courage to keep working towards your goals. Although the initial study was conducted with students, the principles can be applied to all areas of achievement! Remember, wellness is a journey, and there are many lessons to be learned along the way.

This week, we encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, learn something new and try something you’ve never done. Focus on the PROCESS and improvements you have seen, and follow these tips to help shift your current mindset into a growth mindset:

  1. Perfection does not exist.
  2. Add a “yet” to the end of sentences.
  3. Challenges are adventures.
  4. Mistakes are a part of life––learn from them!

Next week, we’ll discuss the ‘fixed’ versus ‘growth’ mindset and chronic illnesses––Helping you to understand that your DNA is not your DESTINY!