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Affirmations Encourage and Support

We can add affirmations to our daily routine to encourage us and provide emotional support.

A positive affirmation can change our mindset.

Transform your mind and you will transform your life!

Positive affirmations can help us when we are stuck in negative thinking and changes our focus to looking at strengths and positive traits. How often do you fall into focusing on your weaknesses or what you may see as failures. Change your mindset to a growth mindset, choosing to recognize areas you desire to grow and change and believing you CAN. Affirmations reconnect us back to our believes and dreams – our vision.

What is an affirmation?

Conscious control of our thoughts. Changing what we think and our mindset-those attitudes and believes about who we are and what we can do. With a growth mindset, you can take the struggles you experience and apply a positive I can change statement. You literally use the stress or challenge in life and choose to change.

‘I am’ statements give us the strength to change those things we can. They are short, simple, and positive. They express gratitude for the things in our life, including our personality strengths, that motivate us to be the best person possible with the ‘circumstance’ or ‘people we are’.

Try it for 30 days!

Right now, I encourage you to grab a piece of paper and write 10-30 positive statements about who you are, what you CAN accomplish (your vision), gratitude. Each day focus on these statements building on your list during the 30 days or repeating those statements that provide encouragement to you. They should be statements that empower you to act on your desires and believes. You might choose to write them on index cards. You can purchase an inexpensive spiral notecard book that you can set up on your desk and read each day! Need a jump start? Purchase a daily inspirational flip calendar or notebook – personalize the affirmation each day!

Download Positive Affirmation Prompts