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Small Action Steps Result in Big Results

5 Actions! Apply these to our Take 5! Program

I really enjoy listening to national Coaching Professional Jack Canfield talk about how Small Steps Make Big Changes…a principle I definitely believe in. He encourages you to take 5 actions each day and making them non-negotiable. 5 actions for our Take 5! Program; I like it!

We are looking at the last part of our ‘VMOSA’ series.

Vision | Mission |Objectives (Goals) | Strategies | Actions

We began this month by having you not state your vision for what a ‘healthy’ lifestyle would allow you to do or what your life would look like. Have you started to realize some of the vision beginning to happen? We KNOW it is difficult to make lifestyle behavior change, but consistency and keeping that vision in sight is a great way to focus. When the scale isn’t moving, you may feel some of the benefits of your actions– decreased bloated feeling, increased energy, ability to exercise longer, and the list goes on.

We know that without a plan, the vision is far less likely to happen! THAT is why we suggest that you don’t move in circles but set a target (objective) and move toward it. When the movement is done strategically, you will be far more likely to keep moving toward the target behavior. The final step of the strategic plan is to create actions. A comprehensive action plan includes clearly stating what actions will happen, who will do the actions (usually you, but may include a buddy), a specific date (may be a specific workout appointment on a calendar), what resources you will need, and any areas of resistance you may come across AND how to overcome those challenges. I really believe this is one of the key pieces for ‘chronic resolution setters’. Identify WHAT has previously gotten in your way during other efforts. This is also where the growth mindset is very valuable — failure is not bad IF you grow from the experience! A wellness coach can also really help, serving as someone to help you recognize and brainstorm how to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face, all while providing encouragement and a BIG dose of accountability mixed with understanding.

Everybody does life a little different. For example, I am very goal and plan oriented, but some people like a more dynamic and ‘doing’ type of plan—they are ready to jump right into action! During the first week we also suggested you list as many actions you could think of that would encourage healthy behaviors every day. To help you with this, we have created a 30-Day Healthy Action Plan Calendar for you to follow!

Did you notice we didn’t talk about mission? Having a meaningful and purposeful life greatly improves your total well-being. Not only does a ‘purpose’ encourage you to continue your actions, but a purpose also gives you motivation to follow-through with your plan! MORE on purpose and mission in February, so stay tuned!

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