Put Me In, Coach!

It is not uncommon for someone to seek advice on how to “target train” a specific area of their body with the main intention of reducing fat/losing inches in that area. The challenge is science does not actually support this as a legitimate strategy. The extra focus can absolutely strengthen the muscles, but it cannot target the fat that specifically surrounds the muscle. So instead of “target training,” a more effective strategy for short- and long-term success includes a well-rounded approach to reducing overall body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Developing a healthy lifestyle often requires the same type of approach. It can be a challenge to “target train” our healthy habits when we don’t consider the overall big picture of why we have the habits we have, why we want to improve them, etc. A “big picture” approach generates more success in not only the areas you “target,” but in other areas you may not have expected to impact.

There is a saying that sums this up nicely: “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

The world of wellness consists of several dimensions as it goes beyond the physical and mental – it includes intellectual, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, occupational, and environmental, as well. And they are all connected in ways we can’t quite see until we begin our journey. Partnerships throughout your journey provide support, create accountability, and can even open your eyes to greater opportunities for personal growth and sustainability. Have you actively sought out people in your life to partner with you? Research shows that someone well-versed in creating success and consistency, who has an understanding of behavior changes, in addition to being knowledgeable in the dimensions of wellness and the synergy they create for a healthy and happy life… this is the type of person who makes for a great partner in your journey. This is the premise behind wellness coaching!

At Balanced Wellness, it is our mission to affect as many people as possible through our wellness coaching programs and offerings. We strive to not only be that partner you may need but to serve as a coach throughout your journey, as well. Through honest communication, encouragement, celebration, strategic planning, and evaluation, a wellness coach not only meets you where you are, but we want to walk alongside you as you meet those “target” goals and undoubtedly many others! Here is an illustration of what wellness coaching can be for you, just as it has been for one of our members at Kentucky Farm Bureau:

“I was struggling to get back on track coming back to work after Covid. So, I decided to set up a fitness appointment, which I’ve never done before, to see if I can get some pointers on losing, pinpoint weight loss areas, just some help getting motivated. The appointment was made, and I met with Valerie in the fitness room. I didn’t realize my life would change that day after that appointment. To me, it was more than just a “fitness” appointment, it was a life coaching moment, and it was enough for me to say to myself I am worth getting back on track. Her knowledge, patience, encouragement, and honest interest in my real problem is more than I have received from professional therapists. I had no idea the fitness room was hiding this jewel from us. Since our initial appointment, I am down 29 pounds. I can honestly say with her tips, talks, cheers and tears, I am well on my way to success, and I feel so much better mentally and physically!!”

We have a desire for everyone who reads this newsletter to know they have someone standing in their corner, eager and ready to work WITH them, to coach them through the highs, lows, and everything in between, to empower them… to empower YOU to create your healthiest life. If you have a wellness goal, consider contacting us today and be matched with a wellness coach, a partner for your journey!

(Let’s circle back around to the “target training” analogy for a moment. While wellness coaches are trained in an overall approach, we are not specialists in serious injuries or challenges. When working with a wellness coach, a need for a specialist may arise.)


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