Purpose and Well-being

Purpose and Well-being

February is a great time to focus on the heart, both physically and emotionally. There are definite correlations between emotional well-being and our physical heart health.

  • A sense of purpose decreases your risk of a myocardial incidence by 27%.(Doran, Resnick, Kim, & McCormick, 2017; 31(1))
  • Gratitude can change your perception of well-being. (AHA, 2020)
  • Gratitude can reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and improve your immune system. (AHA, American Heart Association News, 2016)
  • Positivity can reduce your risk of death from a heart attack and stroke by 39% and 38% respectively. (Tello, 2019)

Many of you have probably seen or used the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Motivational Theory. We believe that MOTIVATION is the heart of the matter! Without motivation – we become stagnant. Another area that impacts our desire to change from a heart perspective is the growth-mindset, an attitude that challenges grow us and we are in control of changing our lives.

We all have basic needs, and of course strive to achieve the highest level of fulfillment. That! Is quality of life. According to Maslow, the highest level of motivation comes with self-actualization where you achieve your full potential and are most creative (and productive). Self-actualization is a state in which people are at their very best. (Stephen Joseph, 2016) It would make sense that our very best is emotionally and physically. From a wellness perspective, we can correlate the basic needs as healthy nutrition, exercise and water intake. Security and safety are often viewed as your financial and job security. Our psychological needs include social needs by making connections with others. We then fulfill our sense of belonging finishing out the psychological needs.


This month we will be digging into each area a little further! Our hope is that we challenge your heart!

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