Good for the Heart: Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude makes for a happy heart, but it also has proven physical benefits. Our blood pressure drops, levels of the stress hormone cortisol decrease, our immune system improves, we have less aches and pains, our sleep is more efficient, and our heart health improves by reducing the inflammation and helping our heart rhythm.

Our behaviors are often impacted by a grateful heart too! We tend to manage our emotions more efficiently, our stress eating lessens, and our physical activity often increases.

Take a look at the areas below that gratitude can enhance and why…

Physical well-being

  • Grateful people appreciate their health/bodies and therefore care for them well via regular exercise, stress management and nutrition!
  • Sleep more soundly and longer improving our stress and therefore cortisol levels

Psychological/mental well-being

  • Gratitude reduces toxic emotions
  • A grateful mind ‘releases’ pent-up emotions
  • Remaining in a state of constant gratitude is a discipline that helps redirect the mind off the negative and onto the positive!
  • Improves self-esteem

Emotional Well-being

  • A thankful heart is too busy counting blessings (the GOOD) rather than all the fears, worries, ‘what-ifs’, etc.
  • Enhances empathy and reduces aggression

Social Well-being

  • Enhances existing relationships and builds new relationships.

Tools for your Tool Chest

  • Morning Gratitude Meditation
  • Gratitude Jar
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Write a note of gratitude to a peer at work, friend or family member
  • Stress Management – Yoga, Breathing, Exercise focusing on gratitude

Revised February 2021

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