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Solid Foundation: Big blocks are Stronger than Bricks

No matter what modality you choose for strength training, the principle is always the same – overload! However, you must do so with a strong foundation… here’s what I mean by that; LARGE MUSCLE exercises give you the best foundation for a successful program. And, best of all, you can use your body weight! Rather than complicating strength training, start with a strong but simple foundation. Could six exercises work your entire body? YES! And better yet, it’s simple and doesn’t take an hour in the gym.

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Let’s apply the F.I.T.T. principle for strength training. Frequency: Unless you are doing an advanced program working designated muscle groups on different days, you need a day of rest in between your work days. Intensity is simply overload, the last two repetitions should be difficult to complete, but with great form! The Type can vary: bodyweight, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, machines, or a combination! Time is typically measured in repetitions, but may be timed as well.

Get Started: Take the example above and start with a progression of doing each exercise for 30 seconds. (That is a 3-minute workout!) Do that 3 times this week. Day 2, repeat the sequence 2 times. Day 3, repeat the sequence 3 times! VOILA–In less than 10 minutes, you will have a challenging and effective workout!

Pro Tip: Grab a resistance band or a set of free weights for the Biceps and Triceps!

If you don’t enjoy exercising or don’t have the time, this is a great way to start. KEEP IT SIMPLE & MAKE IT HAPPEN! You can build on your program as you progress…and don’t forget, consistency is KEY!

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