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2019 KY Diabetes Fact Sheet

Diabetes is COMMON in Kentucky

  • From 2000 to 2017, diagnosed diabetes in KY adults has nearly doubled from 6.5% (198,052) to 12.9% (442,500or 1 in 8)1. KY ranks 7th highest in the U.S. for diabetes prevalence3. (Nationwide median: 10.5%)
  • An estimated147,500adults are living with undiagnosed diabetes based on the national rate2.
  • In Appalachia, the adult rate for diagnosed diabetes is 17% compared to 11.2% in non-Appalachian counties.
  • 3,352 youth had a diabetes diagnosis claim in the Kentucky Employees’HealthPlan (278) and Medicaid (3,074)3 .

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