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‘Sneaky’ Fitness

Look at the Correlation between Exercise and Weight Gain!

  1. Just MOVE! In addition to exercising less, we are taking far fewer steps since COVID hit. It’s amazing how little we walk when we are working remotely! Be intentional about standing for 5 minutes every hour AND taking a brief walk. If it is nice outside, go for a short walk every 90 minutes or so–create a walking meeting! Since we are spending so much time on virtual platforms, consider if you can you do the call/meeting on your phone and walk.
  2. Make it a Party! Find a ‘virtual-buddy’ that will hold you accountable to your fitness regime. Invite a friend to accompany you on that lunchbreak walk and turn it into a catch-up session! When exercising with a friend, you are both investing in emotional health (relationally) while investing in your physical health as well. Think ‘Efficiency’! Remember the statement: Physically Distanced but Socially Connected.
  3. Something > Nothing! You may not have the time to log 30 minutes of exercise all at once…so instead of dismissing exercise altogether, try breaking it up into 3×10 minute sessions. Much less demanding (on your schedule), and much more doable! ‘Something’ is ALWAYS better than ‘nothing’! And ONE SET of strength takes less than 10 minutes and has great value. Join us for 12 days of Fitmas (a full round of 12 days takes 5 minutes) posted on our Facebook Page. Build daily to the full workout!