Benefiting the Body with Structured Exercise – VO2 Max, Part 2

Benefiting the Body with Structured Exercise – VO2 Max Pt. 2

If you need to revisit last week’s blog to get caught up to where we are now, visit our blog page! This week we are discussing specific VO2 max parameters in regard to gender and age. We want to reiterate just how important it is to challenge your body with intense exercise so that you are at the lowest possible risk for cardiovascular disease.


You can see here, on the graphic to the left, that the “Top 20%” or those women with the lowest health risk (37% less) is colored blue. As you progress in age, the suggested VO2 max level decreases; however, it is essential to keep high intensity cardiovascular exercise in your rotation for heart health and other benefits!


You can see here, on the graphic on the right, that the “Top 20%” or those men with the lowest health risk (39% less) is also colored in blue. Similarly to the women’s graph, an increase in age can lead to a decrease in VO2 max results. It is still incredibly important for maintaining a sound mind and body to include dynamic cardiovascular exercise in your routine.

Since you’re equipped with all this information, are you wondering how you can test your own VO2 max? To get tested at a performance facility is a slight financial investment (tests usually run between $100-$250), but it can tell you so much about your health– especially if you plan on taking your training seriously. However, another option is a fitness tracker of some sort- watches from FitBit and Apple have begun programming VO2 max prediction equations into their running workout apps.

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