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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade - Meet Stephanie!

Chances are most of us have personally known at least one person who has battled breast cancer. Yet, I never grow tired of survivor stories. Despite this, I find it difficult to ask them how they are doing and even more so find it difficult to write this blog. Cancer hits hard… so we need to fight harder. Whether we are personally dealing with cancer or are encouraging others dealing with a diagnosis or post-treatment survival, we must fight back.

Ready for a little inspiration?

Stephanie, one of our amazing team members, has 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Not a person you would expect to get breast cancer, all things considered. Maintaining a healthy weight and being active are two of the five protective factors against cancer listed by the Centers for Disease Control; two factors of which Stephanie had full mastery! It is always important to remember that even when you do what you can to reduce your risk, you aren’t 100% free from risk. It’s our responsibility to take measures to screen our bodies, including self-exams and diagnostic tests.

Food, laughter, and exercise are the best medicine.

This is Stephanie’s tagline! She embodies this daily, so she can not only survive but THRIVE. Moreover, during her postoperative time off, she chose to prepare herself to give back and help others. Stephanie was already motivating and encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle, but she furthered her education by studying for and passing the Cancer Exercise Specialist certification from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. First patient? Herself! Utilizing her previous training experience alongside her new certification, Stephanie put together her first rehabilitative program.

Visit Stephanie’s website, Fit by Design, to read her full story.