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Try Something New!

  • Try Something New!
  • Unusual as it may be, the current condition of the United States isn’t something we should let deter us from staying well and healthy. If anything, we should take the time social distancing and staying home is freeing up in our schedule to learn more about ourselves. How do you spend quality time with yourself when you feel stressed about what’s going on outside? We’ve got you!
  • Tips and Tricks
  • – Join us for a workout on Zoom. Virtual and easy to use, Zoom has provided us a platform to stream a variety of classes. Don’t know what you like? This is perfect for you then! We currently offer 8 different fitness classes throughout the week and also small group and one-on-one coaching. Stay for as long or as little as you like, but enjoy an effective workout from one of our encouraging instructors from the comfort of your own home! Link is in the schedule attached below.
  • Challenge: build a workout playlist of your favorite music and fine-tune it ‘til it’s perfect! Play it during class. (You will be muted so no worries!)
  • – Cook healthy recipes with new ingredients. Our well-being is enhanced by proper nutrition. Proper nutrition encompasses well-rounded meals– sources of lean protein, healthy whole grains, and colorful fruits and veggies included! With your time at home, make a goal to cook one new recipe per month
  • Challenge: with each new recipe, try to incorporate something you haven’t tried before! Source of protein, a vegetable, spices– whatever works!
  • – Create a daily schedule just for you. Without structure, your day can fall apart. You don’t get as many work tasks, chores around the house, or as much “you time” done! Creating and abiding by a schedule at home will help you be productive and also dedicate time to you and your well-being.
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Your health is in your hands. Let us help you take action! Join our Balanced Wellness team is striving for optimal well-being. Take advantage of the wonderful resources available to you on:

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