Aging to Fulfillment

Men’s Health Month aims to bring attention to four pillars created to help men (and their families) not only live good lives but to thrive now and in the future! The various medical, technological, and ecological advancements made in recent decades have improved our ability to prevent and fight disease, our overall health, and even our desire to live a longer life. The goal isn’t to just see a certain age anymore. It’s about the desire to live active, fulfilling lives to older ages. The four pillars Men’s Health Month focuses on helps to create a plan of action so men AND women are living their best lives for years to come!


The “awareness” piece is simple, and it creates the foundation for the remaining three pillars.

A decline in health (mental, physical, and/or emotional) is NOT inevitable! You have more control over how you age than you may realize.

The challenge is to pursue that awareness through prevention, education, and relationships. Take action by evaluating where you are, where you want to be, and consider what changes need to be made for you to age to fulfillment.


The previous blog is perfect to revisit for prevention tips regarding your overall lifestyle – 5 Heart Healthy Habits for Men. By the time we NEED to see the doctor, change our diet due to a diagnosis, exercise more, find ways to reduce stress, and start to make other changes, our bodies and minds have already begun to live in “decline mode.” Prevention comes with being proactive – addressing what we don’t want by living the lifestyle NOW that we DO want to be able to live in the future.


Education is two-fold with regards to aging to fulfillment.

  1. With so much information available to us with just a quick click, it is important to get really personal. What action steps benefit you personally based on your current lifestyle, your family history, and your goals? For example, if you smoke and know it won’t serve your future self and your goals, what can you learn about methods to quit and various support/resource opportunities available to you? A conversation with your doctor or a wellness coach may help guide you in your discovery and action plan!
  2. Taking on a new hobby or learning a new skill supports the mind and body! Trying and learning new skills has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, as well as increase opportunities for more movement and nurture old and foster new relationships!


Healthy relationships, and not just those with biological family members, are key to thriving. Positive Relationships benefit our well-being because they are enduring and supportive. If there is one thing we have come to appreciate over the last couple of years, it’s our ability to be present with people! To laugh, to cry, to discuss ideas and challenges, to grow together… being with people who share values, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. are a fuel that even a vegetable can’t replace!

As you age another day, ask yourself: Am I living to get through this day or am I living for this day? To become more aware, proactive, educated, and connected so I can live my BEST today, tomorrow!!


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