Tired of setting New Year Resolutions you lost sight of before the year is half over?

At the start of a new year, many of us are drawn to evaluating their life and setting goals for the year ahead. Let’s do a check-up.  Have you achieved your goals?

Well-being is an ongoing process of achieving the Optimal Life that each of us desires.  We are complex individuals with many areas that mold the people we are.  Balanced Wellness focuses on becoming the ‘best you’, not what everyone says you should be, but what you believe is the best version of you.  Does this quote resonate with you?

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” -Dr. Seuss

This year, set resolutions you will keep — keep an on-going focus on our total well-being and check-in periodically to see how we are doing.  Use this 40-Day Well-being Challenge as a re-set of your goals.

It all begins with a vision!

Week 1: Reflection-Create Your Well Vision

  1. Examine your life.  Select 3-5 words that describe what you would like your life to reflect.  Vision Words  Journal your thoughts.
  2. Identify ‘the best you’; do not conform to ‘should be’s’.  Create a Wellness Vision for the life you desire (create a statement or visual picture).  Try using a Wellness Wheel or a Wellness Vision MindMap.
  3. Care for yourself:  physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  Write or find 5-10 positive affirmations.
  4. Accept who you are, you are ‘wonderfully made’.  Be your best physically, set a goal weight.
  5. Create a purpose statement.  Live your values daily.  Be who you are made to be.  Create a Specific plan with strategies.  Action Plan
  6. Change your mindset to change your life.  Take a 10 minute reflective walk.
  7. Resolve to live a healthy life.  Self-care time for you:  read, take a bath, call a friend.  Commit to your Action Plan.

Balanced Wellness LLC believes that your goals, values and purpose ‘drive’ or motivate you to behavior change.  This applies to all dimensions of your well-being.  For additional information on the dimensions of wellness see the National Wellness Institutes Fact Sheet below.

NWI SixDimensionsFactSheet-Tool

Ready for Week 2?

We are here to help you!  Contact us to learn more about wellness coaching.