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Replacing the “Bad” with the “Better”

It’s all about having a GROWTH MINDSET. Take “mistakes” or bad habits as potential lessons to be learned, rather than dwell on how negatively they’ve impacted your well-being thus far. Consider change as an opportunity, not a burden!

Replacing the “bad” with the “better” can go one of two ways. But lucky you, we’re covering both ways this week. You can always have a better attitude and make better diet choices! See our suggestions below.

Attitude: The Bad vs. the Better

The scale vs. Daily choices

Food as the enemy vs. Food as fuel

Your bad habits vs. Your good habits

Things I don’t like about myself vs. Things that I want for myself

A finish line vs. A lifelong journey!

Diet: The Bad vs. the Better

Unhealthy snacks vs. Colorful fruits and veggies

Sugary beverages vs. Water

Bad fats vs. Better fats

Big portions vs. Small portions

While many of these comparisons are self-explanatory, we want to encourage you to pick a handful that apply particularly to you and initiate one of those changes per week this month. If you’re not quite there, schedule with for a wellness coaching appointment or workshop geared towards defining which ones affect you most and we’ll create a game plan together!

Like colors?

Since it is National Nutrition Month, we’re here to give you as much information as possible– including every reason to incorporate as many colorful fruits and veggies in your diet as possible! This week’s overview covers the Great Greens.