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Ways To Spend Quality Time With Others

Ways To Spend Quality Time With Others

Last week we addressed the five love languages that Dr. Gary Chapman has reported to be found among relationships. We provided a general overview, but we didn’t dive into much detail. So we’re back! We’re here to discuss ways to spend quality time, which was one of the commonly found love languages, with others.

Spending time with “loved ones” is not limited to your significant other. While Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate them, you have so many other wonderful people in your life that deserve recognition, too. Take this month to emphasize your like and appreciation for your friends, your extended family, and your peers (co-workers, classmates, workout buddies, etc.)

Be the reason that someone smiles today.

Workout together. It goes without saying that working out is beneficial for your health. But working out with someone you love is beneficial for your health and your relationship, which contributes overall to a better well-being. Attend a new fitness studio together, try an at-home workout, or challenge each other to a race at the park. No matter what form it takes, exercise can bring a smile to your face!

Volunteer together. Giving back to your community is so important. But giving back to your community and sharing that value with someone else is important, too! Give what you can because you’ve been blessed with the ability to.

Host a nail night or clothes swap. Come one, come all! Painting each others nails or organizing a clothes swap is a great way to get family members and/or friends of the same ages together. Test out any Pinterest nail trends that might’ve caught your eye lately, or swap clothes for a new take on the “it” style this season!

Read or do a puzzle. My friends– puzzles are not dead! Neither is reading! Ask those around you for book recommendations. And if you’re bored with the puzzles you see at normal stores, try uploading a picture to a website such as Shutterfly, and order a customized cool one.