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November Newsletter

Do you ever try to ‘over complicate things’? Maybe….just maybe….we should stick with the things we know work to manage our weight! Yes, we need to adjust our mindset and create specific strategies during the holiday season- but they should be based on principles of a healthy nutrition plan.

Print our November Newsletter to have tips at your finger tips. Challenge yourself to focus on several tips that resonate with you. Complete the “Three ways I can focus on my health this month:” and follow the calendar to keep on track. One of my favorite tips to get you started is listed on November 5th.

  • Use mindful
  • eating habits to
  • ensure you do
  • not overindulge
  • this holiday
  • season.

Don’t forget Balanced Wellness offers several programs to enhance your health! ALL programs include an educational component AND wellness coaching. Reach out today to hear more!

  • Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge
  • Prevent T2 Diabetes Program
  • Real Life Healthy Eating
  • Resolution to Last

You may participate in ANY of our programs as an individual OR an organization.