October… a Month for Social Well-being

You know what’s just as important as exercising regularly and eating healthily? Being social! Scientists are finding that relationships and well-being go hand in hand.

Human touch and interaction can make your body stronger and healthier.

While on the contrary…

Isolation and loneliness have been linked to various health problems. Some of which include a lower functioning immune system and metabolism, and a higher risk of heart disease for women!

While we put the spotlight on women’s health this month, let’s pay attention to our female friends and family who may seem a bit less enthusiastic than normal as the weather gets colder and darker. Need an activity to either cheer you or your friends and family up? See below!

  • Join a club or community that meets regularly and revolves around something you enjoy. Then put a reminder in your phone for the meeting every week!
  • Volunteer (and bring a friend!). If you’re willing to give your time for the cause, chances are it means a lot to you– and it’s a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests!
  • Schedule an outing with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. It will feel good to catch up, and the time spent together will benefit you both!

Attached find a comprehensive October Newsletter 2019 that dives a little deeper into the science behind the positive correlation between relationships and well-being.

Interested in promoting social well-being in your workplace? We integrate activities such as buddy chats, group challenges, and message boards to encourage positive social interactions between coworkers.