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Enjoy the Holidays!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Enjoy the holidays! This week, we would like to wish you ALL a happy holiday season as you continue to celebrate your family traditions–whether you have already celebrated your culture’s celebration, or it may still be upcoming. If anything, this has been a year of coming together, so let’s celebrate people, our health, and our relationships, and let us recognize that life is DEFINITELY a journey–there are twists and turns in the road and hills and valleys.

We have two more weeks of the holiday season to make choices. (Remember, we always have a choice.) So, how solid is your resolve to hold to your principles, values and goals? Do you make ‘better choices’ most of the time with ‘best choices’ as much as possible? Let the guilt go! Strive for the best, but recognize it is not always possible. I know there aren’t going to be as many parties this year, but healthy party tips still apply even if it is a party of one. Here is a brief list of better choices to party smart:

  • Rethink your drink. Try these Healthy Holiday Cocktails. My go to ‘cocktail’ is pomegranate juice with sparkly water in a wine glass!
  • Fill up first. Have a healthy and light snack before you go. Just enough to be able to choose smart when you arrive. Possibly a vegetable soup.
  • Pick at your food. Refute all your childhood lessons about not picking at your food. No one pays attention to how much you are eating, but if you are concerned about peer pressure, they will notice if you have a plate of food!
  • Savor the flavor. Remember the chocolate meditation from last week? Use that principle with all your food. Choose smart and savor the flavor.
  • Enjoy the company and conversation. Isn’t that really what the holidays are about?

These may or may not be new ways to think about a party. Sometimes principles are ‘simple’, but not always easy. We encourage you to rethink how you look at nutrition, exercise and stress management…not with a new year’s resolution but an ongoing resolve to improve your health–Reboot, refresh & rethink! Take a mental break from the stress of the holiday season and focus on 2021, as we are ALL ready for it! Move forward with a new look at resolutions. Commit to resolve to healthier habits. Join our 10-day program. Do all or part of the program – choose a 3-day, 5-day or 10-day program! You will receive suggested meal plans, a short video covering topics such as reducing sugar cravings, how to create new neuropathways to your brain, a healthy microbiome, positive thinking and more!