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April Newsletter

Stand Up Straight

Most of us have heard this a time or two. Proper posture is important not only when you are standing, but also while sitting and exercising. When standing, proper posture helps us keep our balance and move more efficiently. Proper posture reduces our risk of injuries in everyday tasks that we perform such as sitting in a chair, climbing the stairs, lifting bags and packages, cleaning, mowing the grass, and the list goes on. Proper Workplace Ergonomics helps our efficiency and productivity while sitting at our desk and helps reduce discomfort and injuries. Proper Form while exercising is also very important to prevent injuries and reap the most benefit for your efforts.

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Poor posture may be more than just a bad habit. Inflexible or weak muscles can impact your posture. Low back problems can often be a result of tight hip muscles tugging your upper body forward. Likewise, tight chest muscles can pull your shoulders forward creating a slumped upper body. The importance of strong “core muscles” to improve posture has been well stated by many health and wellness professionals. This includes our abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. I am sure you have heard too that creating a balanced fitness program including core strength and flexibility along with daily movement and structured exercise can improve your overall well-being. This may seem like common sense and you’ve heard it many times…but do we apply it on a daily basis? Contact us to learn more about creating a personalized fitness program for you or your staff.