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Screenings for Men

Medical tests aren’t just for diagnosing an issue once symptoms appear – they are also routinely used as a vital aspect of preventive health care. Routine screenings allow for you and your medical team to have baseline numbers on a variety of biometrics, thus providing the opportunity to notice when there are changes – whether good or not so good. An early diagnosis can potentially come from one of these screenings or the conversations had with your doctor, which could lead to less invasive and even more successful treatment plans. The routine screenings you personally need may change over time, based on your family history, previous diagnoses, age, etc. Review the link below, but only use it as a starting point to your own screenings schedule. Discuss a personalized plan with your medical provider.

CheckUp and Screening Guidelines for Men and Women

Men, what are some steps you’ve taken during Men’s Health Month to improve your overall health and well-being? Women, have you shared any of this information with the men in your life? Our well-being is a collaborative effort, starting with you – your current state, your habits, your goals – then adding loved ones – to support you, challenge you, and celebrate wins with you – and a medical team you trust – for guidance, information, and treatment. How can you improve your efforts to be proactive, aware, educated, and connected as we finish another month of 2022?


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