Maintaining Your Weight over the Holidays- Thanksgiving Edition

Family, friends, and … food? It’s the season of gatherings, and with that comes food- a lot of food. Keep your waist size down this month and through the rest of the holiday season, by incorporating some of our tips into your holiday party game plan.

The first tip is to make a swap! Take the initiative to bring a healthy side dish. Healthy dishes don’t have to be boring. Try making a new savory vegetable recipe, put a healthy spin on holiday cookies, or make a fit and sweet surprise!

The second tip is to be smarter than the buffet. If you’re feeling really hungry when you get there, fill up your plate with vegetables first. It’ll take the edge off your hunger cravings, and you’ll start with the healthiest option, leaving a little less room for some less healthy options later.

The last tip is to make time for exercise! Start a new tradition this year by talking a walk with the family after your meal. It’ll keep you from slumping into a food coma and allows you extra time with family and friends.

Tips don’t have to be anything new, you probably know much of this yourself! But you have to do them! Make a plan, know what your triggers are and then follow through.

We are thankful for you. Complimentary Thanksgiving services!

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