Hormones and Breast Cancer Risks

How do Hormones in my Food Affect my Body and my Risk of Breast Cancer?

Last week we discussed a little about soy products and their relation to breast cancer risk. In summary, soy products are NOT the issue! It’s high levels of estrogen that are the concern.

Where else can we get estrogen from our diet? How much? Well, since you ask…there is a significant number of hormones added to our meat products. There are 6 that are FDA-approved, in fact (howstuff This is something to be aware of and concerned about. Estrogen does NOT belong in our food NATURALLY. Growth hormones (such as estrogen and progesterone) are added to our meat products by being fed to our cows so they produce more meat and dairy, faster!

What are the repercussions of adding hormones to these products and then consuming them regularly?

  • Increasing trends of childhood obesity…
  • … which has led to declining age of the onset of puberty for both girls and boys.
  • … which means girls are starting menstruation earlier—
  • Encouraging high levels of estrogen in female bodies that are too young.


And like we mentioned before, high levels of estrogen are what puts a woman at a higher risk for breast cancer. Be knowledgeable about what goes into the food products you put into your body daily!