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We are proud to be a CDC recognized program offering a virtual – online program.  The lifestyle change program offers sustainable changes focusing on nutrition and exercise.  Your lifestyle coach is there to help you succeed, we recognize that change is a process.  The program is a year long program meeting once per week for the first six months.  We will meet through a webinar, or phone webinar if you prefer.  Because our program is virtual, we are able to reach areas that do not currently have a local provider.

Our Wellness Platform offers:

  • Nutrition Resources
    • guidelines for nutritional needs
    • menu planner including a variety of calorie options and ‘types’ of plans such as diabetic, heart healthy, vegetarian, etc.
    • food log
    • fruit and vegetable tracker
    • water tracker
    • recipes
  • Exercise Resources
    • exercise plans
    • sync’s to popular devices and apps for easy tracking
    • step convertor for popular cardiovascular exercises
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Wellness Coaching
    • secure messaging with your coach
    • coach able to guide you through platform
    • coach able to add exercise and nutrition plans

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