Mindfulness is Vital

Our last week of April is dedicated to mindfulness. We’ve spent a lot of time covering why movement and meditation are critical to our health during this time, but mindfulness should also play a role in our well-being! To be honest, all of these things are tied together. All three are useful and important. This week we’ll discuss why mindfulness is vital, specifically for creating and maintaining positive eating habits!

What does mindful eating mean? By definition (dictionary.com), mindful eating is “the practice of eating with the express purpose of savoring every flavor, aroma, and texture of food, as usually accomplished through aesthetic appreciation of the food and slow, contemplative ingestion.” A bit wordy, huh?

More importantly, mindful eating is being aware that you are fueling your body, and enjoying that process! It might help to remind yourself, you’ve got one body to use for the rest of your life– it might be important to fuel it right!

Ask yourself:

What were the most prominent flavors in my meal? Were they enjoyable?

Did I enjoy the company I ate my meal with?

Did I eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full?

See benefits such as:

Reinforcing core skills like concentration, sensory clarity, and emotional calmness.

Increasing control of your awareness of your sensations.

Removing stress of weight gain, because eating slowly usually leads to eating less. 

Download Eating-Meditation Worksheet.

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