Meal Planning and Batch Cooking

Benefits of meal planning and batch cooking encompass more than just saving you time and money. If done properly, both of these methods can help you control your portions and eat healthier. 


Seen here is meal prepping. You can cook all the ingredients of a meal, assemble it, and store it in the fridge. Usually these meals only last 2-4 days once cooked. 

Meals such as these can help you visualize your portions. Remember- you want a half plate of vegetables! Split the remaining space with whole grains and protein.




Seen here is batch cooking. It involves preparing or cooking all the parts of a meal so that when you are ready to eat all you have to do is assemble it!

This is a great method if you want to focus on incorporating more vegetables in your diet. Wash and cut vegetables and store in separate containers. Most veggies can last between 3 and 5 days in air-tight containers!



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