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The Earth is Our Friend

Each year, April 22nd rolls around, reminding us of the part we play in keeping our planet healthy and livable. We may celebrate Earth Day as a one day event, but the intent behind the annual holiday is to enhance our day-to-day awareness and improve our lives now and in the future! The annual campaign creates educational opportunities about a variety of subjects including: climate change, air pollution, water pollution, erosion, recycling, composting, renewable fuels and power, carbon footprints, efficient cars, rainforests, and ecosystems. How is our planet being affected, and what does that mean for those who inhabit the earth?

The official theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Invest in Our Planet.” And why wouldn’t we? It is where we live. It is where we get our food, our water. It is home. “Because a green future is a prosperous future.” Investing does not take a lot of time and energy, rather intention. Small changes make a big difference, and here are a few examples of how you can observe Earth Day… every day:

  • Support and use recycling programs in your community.
  • Volunteer to clean up local parks and streets on clean-up days.
  • Support and frequent green businesses.
  • Use re-usable products versus disposable.
  • Repurpose items that have outworn their use.
  • Shop secondhand and thrift stores for gently used items.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances or line dry your clothes.
  • Walk or ride your bike to work, if possible.
  • Carpool or make one trip instead of multiple trips when shopping.
  • Encourage your favorite products to reduce packaging.

The Earth Day official campaign website has 52 additional tips with informational links for you to check out, as well. What can you and your family start on April 22nd and carry on throughout the year?

The earth is our friend, and just as we check in with our friends – paying attention to their emotions, supporting their needs, wants, and growth points, etc. – let us take the opportunity that Earth Day brings to check in with our friend. As you check in and improve your interactions with our planet, share the inspiration on social media. The small changes we make become exponentially more impactful when we create a wave of action!

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