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Now is the time to think color!  Color brings FUN to life, it invigorates and relaxes at the same time.  Adult coloring has so many benefits including reduced anxiety and stress, improved focus and sleep…and most people color in color, not black and white – it is FUN!  Pick up some pencils or crayons and give it a try on the attached sheet!

Summer is a time for fun, AND we believe well-being includes having fun throughout the year!  But summer typically provides many more opportunities.  The weather is inviting, it is a time for vacations, and local produce is readily available!  The colors in our foods also offer different phytochemicals, antioxidants and nutrients, each with benefits to keep us healthy.  Did you know that ‘Great Greens’ help our vision, bones, and teeth?  We have attached the Kentucky Proud Produce Availability to get you started.  We are also offering a Webinar and 5-session workshop, Color your Life with Summer Vegetables.  The Webinar will focus on container gardening, a healthy food demonstration with nutrition tips, and a presentation from Glean Kentucky (currently serving Central and South Kentucky).  The following 5 sessions will focus on the benefits of different color fruits and vegetables, recipes and preparation tips, and when and where to purchase or grow them!  ALL sessions will be recorded and available to view – just 20 minute sessions!

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Color your Life with Summer Vegetables

Video Series: 8 session video series This series will include Live sessions AND 20 minute recordings! We want to encourage our community to support our Farmer's Markets and local growers. We will cover the health benefits of eating the many vegetables, recipes and cooking tips, and overall well-being tips to go with it! Did you know that orange (and yellow) fruits and vegetables improve not only your vision but also your immune system and your heart?

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